Cancer Prevention: 5 Miracle Ways To Prevent Cancer

Cancer Prevention: 5 Miracle Ways To Prevent Cancer

5 Miracle Ways To Prevent Cancer: Responsible for cancer prevention does not start with going to the doctor. We'll show you what you can do every day to keep cancer from attacking former cancer patients would certainly do anything to banish the disease forever from their lives. Thus, the topic of prevention is important even after treatment. And that is something that every one of us should heed - healthy or not. Because Essentially all defensive actions are useful both for past cancer victims and for people who have so far been saved from a cancer disease.

5 Ways To Prevent Cancer

A good start to actively tackle cancer screening, these 5 miracle ways to prevent cancer that everyone should integrate into their everyday lives - and long-term.

1. Eliminate Stress:

Constant stress weakens our immune system and thus provides an ideal target for infection - both are a breeding ground for cancer. Clearly, this must be an anti-stress remedy. Whether it's yoga or hiking - whatever makes you fun and mind free works.

2. Detect And Eliminate Mold:

"Mycotoxin and aflatoxin are found in mold and are extremely carcinogenic," Water damage or damp basements magically attract mold and should definitely be examined by an expert.

3. Sweating Is Good:

The University of Nebraska has shown in a study that regular exercise (and sweating) strengthens the immune system and thus can prevent cancer. In their study, the researchers studied former cancer patients before and after a 12-week fitness program to compare the ratio of weak immune cells to those that can fight cancer. Before the fitness program clearly dominated the weak immune cells. After 12 weeks of training, 15 percent less faint cells were found.

4. Help Others:

Clinical studies have shown that volunteering or just a good deed boosts the immune system. Ultimately, the body reacts with the same signals as if you were doing something that was great fun. "In order to stay healthy, you have to carry out regularly fulfilling activities".

5. More Vitamin D:

We've all heard of it: Vitamin D is an important part of cancer screening. Unfortunately, we often forget that fact, because most of us have a vitamin D deficiency. The easiest solution: spend a lot of time outside. This may still work well in the summer, but in winter, the natural vitamin D supply is rarely enough. In other words, we have to help with high-fat fish or a dietary supplement.

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