Slimming Fruit Juice: 5 Reasons Why Juice Is Unhealthy

Slimming Fruit Juice: 5 Reasons Why Juice Is Unhealthy

Slimming Fruit Juice: 5 Reasons Why Juice Is Unhealthy: You think drinking juice is healthy because it "only" contains fructose? We have to pull the tooth for you because fruit juices are no better than cola and make us fat and sick. Who indulges in a Coke, usually knows that he is just drinking a sugar bomb. But also juice has (not only) in terms of calorie content fust thick behind the ears. Although fruit juices are still considered super healthy, the truth is quite another. These 5 reasons why juice is unhealthy to speak for themselves.

1. Fruit Juices Are Not As Healthy As Fruits:

"Fruit is healthy, so juice is it too." Sounds logical, but unfortunately not true. From a nutritional point of view, a fruit juice can never replace an apple or a kiwi. Because in order for the fruit to become a juice, one thing above all requires it: high temperatures. When making juices, the fruit has a lot to go through and is crushed, pressed and pasteurized - all under high pressure and heat.

Just stupid that vitamins are quite a mimosa that like to just go out in the heat. But most of them are under the shell anyway and unfortunately, they remain in the press residue. Say: The end product "juice" contains much fewer vitamins, minerals and secondary plant and fiber than the corresponding fruit in its original form.

2. Juices Have As Many Calories As Cola:

You want to finally lose a few pounds and swap your beloved soft drinks for healthy juices? Good idea, bad execution. It is hard to believe, but whether you drink a glass of cola or a glass of apple juice makes almost no difference in calorie and sugar content. The juices usually have even more calories than Coke. Save calories with juice? Wrong!

Fruit juices and nectar also contain added sugar. Say: your blood sugar level goes to a glass of orange juice first a nice round roller coaster, which often ends in food cravings. Those who want to lose weight prefer to keep their fingers off the unhealthy juice.

Drink, 1 glass equals 200 ml calories
1 glass of cola     84 kcal 
1 glass of orange juice    86 kcal 
1 glass of apple juice    99 kcal 
1 glass of sour cherry nectar     122 kcal 
1 glass of grapefruit juice     122 kcal 

3. Fructose Is Not A "Healthy" Sugar:

Fruit juice contains not only glucose (glucose) but also fructose, the so-called fructose. But the word "fruit" does not make this sugar any better than regular sugar. Since fructose - in contrast to glucose - insulin unis metabolized, the brain receives after a load of fructose no saturation signal. As a result, more is eaten or consumed more quickly than the body needs. And it is also relatively difficult to digest large amounts of fructose. 

While we need glucose for insulin production, the body is basically not at all dependent on fructose and must first convert it into glucose in the intestine in order to be able to use it at all. Excess fructose, in turn, migrates to the liver - where actually only waste products land. That should give you something to think about. When the liver gets more fructose than it can process, the excess is converted to fat.

4. Fruit Juice Attacks The Tooth Enamel:

Sugar is known to be bad for the teeth and fructose is, unfortunately, no exception. Who regularly drinks fruit juices, therefore harms his teeth. The particularly bad damage leaves the fruit acids, which attack the tooth enamel and in the long run, can lead to tooth erosion. As a result, the teeth become more sensitive and fragile over time, the cutting edges thin and the chewing surfaces flat.

5 Reasons Why Juice Is Unhealthy

5. Juice Favors The Development Of Diabetes:

A study by the Harvard School of Public Health came to the conclusion a few years ago that consuming too much juice can increase the risk of diabetes. Nutritional habits were evaluated by around 190,000 participants. The researchers also found that it makes a difference whether you eat your fruit in liquid or solid form. Because they also found that the risk of developing diabetes mellitus even decreases if you eat at least 2 servings of fresh fruit, especially blueberry, grapes, and apples, per week.

Direct Juice, Concentrate Or Nectar: ​​What Is Healthier?

Basically all fruit juices are not really healthy, but of course, there are good and less good juices. But which requirements have to be fulfilled so that a juice can also call juice?

Juice and juice must be 100% extracted from the pulp or fruit juice or vegetables. Direct juice is (directly) pressed and bottled. Simple juice, however, is usually made with the help of concentrate, which is much cheaper. For this, the juice is removed from the juice by heating the water, the concentrate is formed. Later you make juice from concentrate and added water. 

Fruit nectar contains only 25 to 50% fruits, the rest is water. Often, sugar (up to 20%) is also added to increase the sweetness level. Because if a juice contains little fruit, it also tastes less sweet. 

Fruit juice drinks are clearly the worst choices when it comes to juices. The fruit content here is even lower than in the fruit nectar and is only 6 to 30%. In addition to sugar and water land depending on the manufacturer and a lot of additives such as dyes and artificial flavors, in the fruit juice drink. Hands off!

Fruit nectar is often over-saturated, just like fruit juice drinks, which are usually nothing more than "sugar water". But even juice is not always the best choice: because just like juice from concentrate, the juice is heated to be preserved. However, flavors and vitamins are lost.

Is There A Healthy Alternative To Fruit Juices?

A good alternative to ordinary juices is cold-pressed juices. Unlike juice, they contain significantly more healthy ingredients. The reason: In the production was not working with heat, that is: The fruits and vegetables were not heated high, because this vitamins and co. Flutes. Cold-pressed juices are also not pasteurized to preserve them, special, much gentler procedures are used here. Cold-pressed juices are available online, but also in more and more supermarkets.

Even better: water, unsweetened tea (herbs or fruits, whatever) or even a diluted fruit juice spritzer is definitely the better choice in everyday life. If you find it difficult to change, you can do it slowly and reduce the amount of juice in the glass piece by piece by diluting the drink more and more. In the end, you will barely get the pure juice because he is so cute, bet?

Are Smoothies Better Than Juice?

Yes and no. A homemade (best) green smoothie with a high vegetable content is definitely a real health booster. But do not make the mistake of looking at smoothies as a snack in between, which you just wash down. Smoothies are rather in the category "meal" to settle since they are not to be underestimated the calorie content ago. Therefore, a smoothie is also a great breakfast. Unfortunately, finished smoothies from the supermarket were also heated for preservation, so that many vitamins and minerals were already destroyed by the heat here. 

5 Reasons Why Juice Is Unhealthy

Conclusion: Eat Rather A Fruit, Instead Of Juices To Drink

Do not worry: we do not want to spoil your freshly squeezed orange juice on Sunday morning with this article. However, anyone who drinks more than a glass of juice every day should consider whether it would be better to reduce the consumption of juice due to the above reasons. Simply bite directly into an apple or enjoy a sweet orange. 

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