10 Most Obvious Signs That A Woman Is Interested In You: Is she like or is she just friendly? Women are often secret when it comes to what they really want. These signals tell you if you have a chance for a woman.

She smiles, winks and drives her hair - but what does that mean: Does the girl just find you nice or is she secretly dreaming of snogging with you? Does she look like a buddy or lover in you? If you could just say that! Now is the end of misunderstandings. Women are usually sparing with expressing their needs. That's why it's so hard to say what they really want. This sometimes annoys, but also makes women exciting. To minimize the risk of a basket or missed opportunity, here are 10 clear signs of a woman's interest. Is she on me? At these 10 signs, you recognize the interest of a woman.

10 Most Obvious Signs That A Woman Is Interested In You

1. She Has Time For You:

A clear signal of a woman's interest is the priority she gives you. An interested woman does not let you fidget for days after a WhatsApp message, she takes your calls and finds time for a date. On the other hand, if the lady-in-waiting keeps asking for you, or you feel like you're following her, the interest is probably not reciprocal-or she's in another thing in her mind and heart.

2. She Comes Closer To You And Touches You:

When you're in the group, she often chooses a seat next to you or tries to walk by your side. On the Date, she gets close to her or touches you as if by accident. Other means of making body contact: She compares the size of her palm with yours, ruffles your hair, or collects hair from your shirt.

3. She Seeks Eye Contact:

Do you know the tingling sensation of long-term eye contact with a stranger? If a woman is interested, she seeks the eyes of a man to see if he is looking, too. But beware: if the lady of the heart averts her gaze, that's not necessarily a sign of disinterest. Many women look away from embarrassment. However, a repeated, stealthy look from the other side of the room tells you a lot about quiet admiration. If you look back now furtively, make the lady hot!

4. She Remembers Little Things:

She remembers mentioning at the last meeting that you are planning to watch a particular movie. Or she mentions that you once casually talked about a hobby and asks about it. A woman who remembers little things, you haunt safe in the head.

5. She Puts Her Body In The Scene:

She bends down in front of you to pick up the fallen pen and makes her legs long. Or she pushes the cleavage slightly forward when you stand in front of her. In the disco, she deliberately dances in her field of vision (but this only applies to extroverted women).

6. She Asks Many Questions:

If a woman just nods silently or looks over her shoulder while you're talking, she's not interested. But if she asks questions, she is definitely with you. She is not above average curious but tries to find a common topic of conversation. Even if you tell us about the exciting football game or another topic, that the lady does not really care about the bean, she is hanging on her lips - A good sign.

7. She Stalked You:

On your profile in the careers network, you suddenly discover a well-known visitor? On Instagram, the lady suddenly liked your pictures? In these cases, you can be pretty sure she's already turned the Internet over for you after snipping. Do not worry, that's a good sign! She is not looking for missteps, but looking for pictures to chew on or information that she can skillfully incorporate in the next conversation.

8. She Asks About Your Love Life:

Is she interested in your ex-partners? If the adored asks specifically for your love life or wants to find out subliminally, whether you are forgiven, this is a good sign for her interest. What you should never do: make you jealous of other women or your ex-girlfriend in order to lure them out of the reserve - this can backfire!

9. She Compliments You:

She praises your good movie taste or your style of clothing. A woman who finds a man attractive likes to compliment. By the way, it's also a compliment to laugh at your jokes, even if they're not very funny.

10. She Extends The Conversation:

The date or conversation is coming to an end, but instead of letting the conversation spill over, the lady of the heart keeps asking questions that prolong the conversation. A sign that she likes to be near you.


They recognize the interest of a woman in the way she talks, behaves and looks at you. Pay attention to physical signals that a woman can not hide. Does she blush when you talk to her? Are her eyes shining, does she smile at you when you pass each other? If several of the 10 signals apply, you should try to go one step further - you will not reap a basket!

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