How To Take Care Of Skin In Winter At Home | Skin Care In Winter

How To Take Care Of Skin In Winter At Home | Skin Care In Winter

How To Take Care Of Skin In Winter At Home: How about learning what to do in winter skin care?  Our skin is worn with cold air, drying, cracking. Therefore, it is very important to make proper and effective care especially in winter and to clean and moisturize the skin.

Skin Care In Winter

Is Olive Oil Good For Dry Skin?

Skincare is made in two ways: medical care and cosmetic care. Those who have problems with the skin must have a care and cleaning in a dermatology clinic. If there is no problem in the skin, it is possible to do both cleaning and care by skin care specialists or at home. You can also comfortably maintain your home. Olive oil to dry skin is one of the natural and good things, but those with acne and greasy skin should not do it. It is very important to moisturize the skin. A moisturizing process should be done on wet skin with a wet tissue. This is the most accurate method. Daily cleansing skin care is very important to you.

Dry Skin Care In Winter

Way To Get Rid Of Summer Stains

Skin exfoliation can be done to resolve problems such as acne scars, pregnancy or sunspots. Skin stains and grease sticking to the skin to destroy the first organic or chemical acid is neutralized by driving. The peeling process can be done with fruit acids. The process of skin peeling using fruit acids lasts 20-30 minutes. Roller ensuring deep penetration into the substrate with the help of fruit acid skin peeling process is performed. Thus, the damaged layer on the skin surface is revived. The frequency of this method, which is applied once a week, is reduced and reduced once a month. Chemical peeling on deeper spots the skin is peeled and opened. Spot peeling method, which is the most popular application of recent years, provides faster results in one session. These methods are applied not only in skin blemishes and scars but also in skin aging, i.e anti-aging treatment.

Home Care Advice To Moisturize Skin

Drink Plenty Of Water: It is a fact that drinking plenty of water moisturizes the skin from the inside. It is beneficial to drink 2 liters of water a day if there is no obstacle in terms of health. However, you should drink water instead of tea and coffee. Because drinks like tea and coffee have a urinating effect, which causes the loss of water.

Use Moisturizing Cream: In cold weather, the skin can dry and a properly used moisturizer protects the skin from these effects.

Use Moisturizing Cream

Use Sunscreen In Winter: Dries and dehumidifies cold skin and has damages to the loss of elastic fibers. In order to avoid stains and aging, sunscreens should be used not only in summer but also in winter. When selecting these, it should be ensured that there are physical filters in addition to chemical filters.

Clean Your Skin Frequently: Lubrication, acne formation and microbial growth prepare the ground. Therefore, oily skin should be washed frequently. Soap is not required if used then natural ones should be preferred.

Clean Your Skin Frequently

Healthy Nutrition: Vitamin-rich foods such as vegetables and fruits should be consumed. If we can't find enough, there may be vitamin supplements outside. Biotin, C and E vitamins, and zinc are important for this purpose.

Sports And Exercise On A Regular Basis: Skin health to sports or exercise make great importance. However, it would be more useful to do it in the open air instead of indoor sports halls.

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